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My name is Jason Hensley. I teach students how to build great games for a living.

This website shows a few of my courses. Contact me to get access to the entire library, or hire my one-on-one gamedev services for your next game project. I am proficient with all the top game engines: Unreal, Unity, Gamestudio, etc.



My name is Jason Hensley.

I started to program games when I was a child. Back then, you had to use assembler code to get an object to move fast on the screen.

Then, I discovered Visual Basic. It had those nice looking forms, and you were able to create impressive applications with only a few hundreds of lines of code. It was too slow to create games, though. Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe were running okay, but even simple games such as Space Invaders took ages to run!

Everything changed after I discovered C, and then C++. This was the first user-friendly programming language which had most of the power of assembler. Later on, I learned C# and JavaScript as well, because Unity, a great multiplatform game engine, utilizes them.

These days I share everything I know about game development with my students. I am a friendly guy, and I explain stuff using easy methods, until everyone understands exactly what I am talking about.

Let's join our forces! I can help you bring a game from the initial idea to the published project. I have completed a few dozens of projects so far, so you will be in good company ;)


Game Design

So, you've got a great game idea! We will work together to determine if it's got real chances to be turned into a commercial project. Often times, we will have an early, fully functional game prototype in less than a week.

One-on-One Training

Want to brush-up your game design and programming skills? Then, you will glad to find out that it is easier than ever to book and use my services! We will use video conferencing and RDP/RDS to collaborate. Prices start at $50/hour.

Custom Game Programming

I can write code that runs on multiple platforms using the Unity engine, or create custom libraries that utilize C++ or C# and output 2D or 3D graphics using DirectX and OpenGL. I have built arcade games, multiplayer games, serious games, simulations, educational games, and more.